Monolith Games is Siloam Springs, Arkansas local tabletop gaming headquarters! We are a small business owned by husband and wife, but we consider all of our patrons part of the Monolith family!

Due to Covid-19, we've decided to expand our horizons and offer some items to be available for online purchase. We unfortunately cannot offer our full inventory here, but we can do custom orders for a lot of things, so please give us a call for any and all questions.

If you are local we invite you to come check us out - we have a lot more to offer including safely distanced tables to play on! As a small business, we definitely appreciate all of the support that we have received during these troubling times.

**We have more products in-store, so please call us if you are looking for something specific (we can also do custom orders in many cases)! Online selling is very new to us, so please "pardon our dust" as we continue to learn and update the site. (Let us know if you see anything that needs fixing!!**

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About Us

Monolith Games believes that games are better played with friends! Our physical site in Siloam Springs, Arkansas has a large gaming area with tables ready to host you and your family and/or friends for board games, TCGs, Dungeons & Dragons, and more! We host a variety of TCG tournaments including Yu-Gi-Oh and Friday Night Magic. We are also excited to announce that we now have 4 full size Warhammer tables that are perfect for epic battles! Whether you are a fan of 40k or Fantasy, we have miniatures and accessories including books for purchase! We hope that Monolith Games will soon become your choice place to hang out, make new friends, create new experiences, and challenge new rivals. We are so excited to meet you, and always excited to see familiar faces!

Meet the Owner!

Ben Dreemur

Store Owner

"I have traveled throughout the majority of the USA and there is no place I love more than Siloam Springs. Me and my family stopped here back in 2010, and I went to school here for the better part of my life. My class was the first one to graduate from the new Siloam high building, and no matter where I go I have always come back to this town that I love. When I went to school here I felt like there was something missing; a spot where teens were able to hang that wasn’t Wal-mart or just your friend’s houses over and over. While traveling, that little fact still weighed on me and I started looking around. I moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2017 and found a shop that might fit the puzzle that I was looking for. Once I saw this shop I knew what Siloam was missing! This was a spot where people can hang out, play their games, and have fun - maybe even pick up a new game they have never heard of. This is what I wanted to bring Siloam and that is why I’m opened Monolith Games."


Monolith Games is located in beautiful downtown Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Just a bit up the hill from Pour Jon's, please feel free to bring food, snacks, or drinks to enjoy while you play with friends or family!


717 E Main Street, Unit A., Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761

Business Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday:

1:00pm - 10:00pm

Friday - Saturday:

12:00pm - 11:00pm